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Data Spy has generated over 780 units profit since starting in January 2013 ($78,000 profit at an average bet size of $50), including big priced winners such as Carn $149, Stage Girl $126, Emmadee $101 (Betfair $560), Calvo $57, Sacred Falls $51, Sea Lord $51, Cameo $41, Gala Affair $41, Hot Saga $38, Champollion $34, Lucky Striker $34, Allelu $34, Pollonize $34 and plenty more.

Recent big priced winners: EMMADEE $260 Betfair SP ($560 Betfair), STAGE GIRL $151, SEA LORD $51, POLLONIZE $34, DREAM WITH ME $32, WOULDN'T IT BE NICE $31 etc


Pat H

I have been profiting from Dean's Tips for almost 2 years now and have seen my betting bank continue to grow at an impressive rate. During this time my profit from Dean's Tips has been approximately $15,000 and this number continues to grow as my unit betting has risen from $50 to $100 per unit. I have found Dean's Tips to be consistently profitable and would highly recommend his service for anyone interested in long-term profits from racing bets.


Terrific service with a great strike rate and uncanny ability to kill the market. Highly recommended to anyone who wishes to gain the edge needed to beat the bookies year in year out. Profit recorded over 60u in 3 months! Dean killed it in the spring!!!


Dean's Tips is a highly profitable and reputable service and is clearly the benchmark of horse racing analysts in Australia. Over two years I have made a profit on turnover of around 15%. Winners come in all sizes and bets are ultimately only provided where Dean believes he has an edge on the market.