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Below are testimonials from happy Dean’s Tips members.

Rick M

Been a member: Over 18 months

"Having been a member for about 18 months it is clear that Dean provides an absolutely top class service with outstanding results. The results speak for themselves but the fact you can go online and check the results for every single bet ever placed is fantastic plus the fact that Dean always uses the price he advised at the time the bet is sent regardless of whether a higher price was available later. The other great feature of Dean’s Tips is the excellent customer service. He is always quick to respond to emails and is happy to provide advice on a range of betting related queries. Dean’s service has also provided fantastic general betting and staking advice which has been extremely helpful. But at the end of the day, the best part has been really enjoying having some additional cash in the pocket over a long period of time."


Pat H

Been a member: Over 2 years

"I have been profiting from Dean's Tips for almost 2 years now and have seen my betting bank continue to grow at an impressive rate. During this time my profit from Dean's Tips has been approximately $15,000 and this number continues to grow as my unit betting has risen from $50 to $100 per unit. I have found Dean's Tips to be consistently profitable and would highly recommend his service for anyone interested in long-term profits from racing bets."



Been a member: Over 12 months

"Terrific service with a great strike rate and uncanny ability to kill the market. Highly recommended to anyone who wishes to gain the edge needed to beat the bookies year in year out. Profit recorded over 60u in 3 months! Dean killed it in the spring!!!"



Been a member: Over 12 months

"Dean's Tips is a highly profitable and reputable service and is clearly the benchmark of horse racing analysts in Australia. Over two years I have made a profit on turnover of around 15%. Winners come in all sizes and bets are ultimately only provided where Dean believes he has an edge on the market."


Phil D

Been a member: Over 12 months

"Winning money is as simple as just following the tips with no research needed"


Jason P

Been a member: Over 1 year

"I've been a member of HRP for over a year and cannot speak more highly of the service from a results and service standpoint.

Dean is always quick to reply to emails and is very personable and helpful, and has extended offers and provided advice well beyond what would be expected.

Results are transparent and updated regularly and the quality of the tips speak for themselves with the profit provided. Drawdowns occur (like any service), but my bank has never been in danger and they have always turned, and more importantly I have confidence that they will always turn.

The results over the last 2 months, with the upgraded selection methodology, have been outstanding and I'm looking forward to that continuing into the spring carnival, where Dean excelled last year.

A very happy customer."



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