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dean the trial spy

Dean the Trial Spy is a professional who has made his services public since the start of 2013. Dean is featured on RSN racing radio every week in Australia for his innovative and revolutionary approach to form assessment, and has been featured on numerous webinars and podcasts as a leading authority in the racing world. In addition Dean was independently ranked the Number 1 tipster on a public tipping website with thousands of professional, media and amateur tipsters.

Dean uses a combination of advanced form, speed, class, weight, rating, video and sectional analysis, plus the use of advanced statistical data and knowledge and his unique concept coined 'isolation' to provide highly profitable tips to members.

Since Jan 2013 Dean’s combined services have generated profits of well over 700 UNITS (or $70,000 for someone betting $100 per unit). Please note all of these selections and results are publicly verified, having been sent to members via SMS and e-mail prior to the races with results uploaded daily for review by all members.

No that’s not a misprint. Comprehensive benchmarking has confirmed that these combined results have been industry leading over this period in Australia, with no other single analyst having delivered such substantial results for members, including comparisons with similar services charging significantly higher rates for their services.